Start of Season Styling Tips

Start of Season Styling Tips

As the season starts to turn, I’m desperate to start wearing my summer gear. Right now the shops are full of floaty dresses, yet we’ve a whole month of chilly

British weather remaining.

There is even talk of snow!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could adapt our spring/summer looks, to start getting wear right now?

Well, fear not.

Here’s how you do it………………..

Layer, Layer, Layer.

A slip under a dress (always a good addition - try charity shops), a thin roll neck, wooly tights - Get layering underneath your dresses.

    Make friends with knee-length boots. 

    A good pair of classic boots will “ground” your floaty        dresses and skirts, making your outfits more casual and “daytime”.
Add a chunky knit! 

Wear it belted or loose. Push up the sleeves and show a little cuff underneath. 




Add texture.

With a denim faux suede or leather jacket. Worn indoors or out, easy peasy.

Another great way to casualise your dresses, getting more everyday wear from them.

You can hide a multitude under a maxi!

Leggings will add a hidden warmth, just add trainers or ankle boots. You’ll be toasty all day!


So, that’s how to extend your summer wardrobe.

Wear all your clothes, all year round!


Photo Credits to

Tamarisk Own

Marie Claire

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